What are the Benefits of acquiring ACCA Qualification along with your Graduation?

Benefits of acquiring ACCA Qualification along with Graduation

By IIC Lakshya

06 Mar 2024

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Benefits of acquiring ACCA Qualification along with Graduation

The ACCA course is highly sought after by students who look forward to a rewarding and recognized career, the prestigious institution, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) serves as a global governing body that certifies and supports accountants worldwide. Established as a key institution, it aims to bring together the finest minds aspiring to excel in the accounting profession. Individuals who achieve the ACCA qualification excel in various roles, including finance manager, financial accountant, management accountant, credit controller, and tax specialist, among others. Even working professionals and post graduates aspire to crack ACCA realizing the opportunities the course opens up. The students who aspire for the same need to know the advantage of acquiring the ACCA qualification along with their graduation as ACCA is a flexible course that eradicates the hindrances that come your way making it possible to learn at any time from anywhere.

What are the Benefits of Learning ACCA with Graduation?

The ACCA qualification is designed with the learner in mind, simplifying the path to obtaining the certification. Its distinctiveness lies in offering several benefits such as exams available on-demand and a flexible exam structure unbounded by group requirements. This sets it apart from other professional courses. Additionally, ACCA offers unique advantages including:

The Flexibility of ACCA :

ACCA is a student-centric course that offers the students easiness of on-demand exams, and ungrouped exam models when compared to other professional courses. So if a student chooses to learn ACCA along with their graduation they can easily blend into the learning period providing equal importance to both the course. ACCA can be completed by learning it through online mediums or hybrid / pre-recorded classes. For the first four ACCA subjects (F1, F2, F3, and F4), you can take computer-based multiple-choice tests whenever you want. This means you can choose the best days for you, maybe when you’re less busy with college. For the other exams, you can take them at four different times throughout the year. You can choose to take as few as one or as many as four exams at each of these times.

Save Your Time To Acquire A Professional Degree :

A graduation alone will not guarantee a highly rewarding career, the professional qualification is the best accreditation to enhance your career with opportunities and higher pay scales. So if you choose ACCA with graduation and complete both the qualifications within three years you are safely landed in a state to earn a minimum of 8 lakh per year. At an early age with a higher earning potential, you can climb up the corporate ladder in a short period.

Stand Out in the crowd :

ACCA is a reputed qualification that makes you an on-demand professional acquiring the prestigious qualification along with your graduation will make you stand a step higher than your contemporariesHaving both a degree and an ACCA qualification makes you more competitive in the job market. In a world where having unique skills is crucial for career advancement, possessing this combination allows you to stand out. Moreover, obtaining an ACCA certification alongside your degree offers great value for your investment, and being the same listed in your resume helps the employer understand your potential and character.

Integrated Learning Options :

Most institutions provide opportunities to learn ACCA along with graduation in an integrated way, IIC Lakshya also offers students courses like 

  • MBA + ACCA 

This course once completed will make the student a well-built professional and in the learning phase also the students will get the advantage of paper exemptions for a range of a minimum of four to 9 papers.


The ACCA program typically spans two to three years, meaning there will be a delay before you can kickstart your career post-graduation. Commerce students who dive into ACCA early gain a competitive edge for their future. The qualification arms them with both the technical know-how and the soft skills needed to shine in their profession. Opting to chase after the ACCA qualification right after your 12th grade can be challenging. You’ll have to be well-planned and systematic in your approach. But rest assured, the effort pays off when you cross the finish line, emerging as a certified accountant.

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