ACCA Salary in Dubai - Advantages of ACCA Career in Dubai

ACCA Salary in Dubai

By IIC Lakshya

31 May 2024


ACCA Salary in Dubai

Dubai, a city popular for luxuries and brands, where the height of buildings and infrastructure amazes the observer, is undoubtedly a city that has seen growth in the sector of business and finance over recent years. Whether it is oil or perfumes, luxurious clothing, or the thriving fashion industry, the city is a symbol of luxury. 

Before delving into the question of ACCA salary in Dubai we have to understand the Dubai corporate sector in brief. The corporate sector in Dubai has developed a lot lately, also, the setting up of Free Trade Zones and the presence of an international air cargo hub and two of the world’s largest ports has further given a push to progress in Dubai. Growth in new projects and developmental initiatives has inspired a strong hiring trend marked by a 20% increase in job opportunities in specific sectors. In all of this, we are concerned about the finance and business sector because, in this thriving business hub, the demand for ACCA courses is high. 

Now you might be thinking that the standard of this luxurious city corresponds to high ACCA salaries, well, let's talk about the salary of ACCA in Dubai, keeping in mind Indian CA is equal to the ACCA qualification; therefore this blog will answer the question of Indian CA salary in Dubai too.

ACCA Career Opportunities in Dubai

With the corporate and financial landscape growing, businesses in Dubai are looking for accounting and finance professionals in growing numbers. Moreover, with Dubai being home to both multinationals and start-ups, finance jobs are in high demand. Accounting professionals with skills and experience in specialist domains can cherry-pick lucrative jobs in Dubai.

Let’s take a brief look at how your ACCA qualification can be your ticket to working in Dubai and what the different job roles you can perform:

  • Accountants:

An accountant helps businesses make critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and correcting the company’s finances.

Accountants essentially perform account analysis, review financial statements, documents, and other reports, conduct routine and annual audits, review financial operations, prepare tax returns, advise on areas that require more efficiencies and cost-savings, and provide risk analysis and forecasting.

Fresher annual salary: AED 32,000 

  •  Financial Accountants:

The job role of a financial accountant means to become a professional who handles the financial and accounting issues for a company or an organization. The financial accountant prepares the company's financial statements and reports. Furthermore, he offers guidance and recommendations to management concerning financial strategies and techniques.

Average annual salary: AED 1,32,000

  • Investment Advisors:

Investment advisors are qualified individuals who work for companies to provide advice for investments and possible security issues. Personalized financial guidance is one of the services offered by some investment advisors; portfolio management is another. They may provide brokerage services (buying or selling stocks or bonds) if they have the required licenses, or they may provide financial planning services in addition to other services.

Average annual salary: AED 370000 

  • CFOs:

A chief financial officer (CFO) is an officer of a company or organization who is assigned the primary responsibility for making decisions for the company for projects and its finances (financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, financial reporting, and often the analysis of data). The CFO thus has ultimate authority over the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization.

Average annual salary: AED 530,983 

  • Auditors:

An auditor inspects an organization’s financial accounts to ensure they’re accurate and in line with the law. They can also act in an advisory role to recommend risk aversion measures and cost optimization.

Key functions of an auditor include examining company accounts and financial control systems; checking financial reports and records and ascertaining that they are accurate; gauging levels of financial risk within the organization, etc. 

Fresher annual salary: AED 57,000

ACCA Salaries in Dubai as per Position of a Professional 

While a job role is the basic thing that differentiates the amount of payment you're paid per month, the salaries of ACCA positions also depend upon your position. Like anywhere else in the world, in Dubai, the freshers, mid-level professionals, and Advanced or expert professionals are paid more.



Salary Range (AED/month)

Entry-Level Positions

Roles like Junior Accountant or Audit Associate offer valuable experience and exposure.

AED 5,000 - AED 10,000

Mid-Level Positions

Advanced roles such as Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, or Audit Manager with increased responsibility and compensation.

AED 12,000 - AED 25,000

Senior-Level Positions

Top-tier positions like Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Finance Director, or Senior Audit Manager with significant leadership and strategic responsibilities.

Exceeds AED 40,000

Advantages of ACCA Career in Dubai - A series of plus points

Working as a professional in any sector in Dubai offers multiple benefits but working as an ACCA professional can be better than any other profession in such a financially robust city. Likewise, working in Dubai after CA is a great option, the Indian CA salary in Dubai depends obviously upon the job role but there is an assurance that all of these are well-paid. Here are some benefits you can enjoy while working in Dubai:

  • Freedom from Taxation
  • Splendid Salaries
  • Ample Opportunities
  • Accelerated Career Growth
  • Global Exposure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the typical ACCA salaries in Dubai?

ACCA salaries in Dubai vary based on roles and experience. Entry-level positions like Junior Accountant start around AED 5,000 - AED 10,000 per month, while senior-level positions like CFOs can exceed AED 40,000 per month.

What roles can ACCA professionals take up in Dubai?

ACCA professionals in Dubai can take up roles such as Accountants, Financial Accountants, Investment Advisors, CFOs, and Auditors. These roles offer varying levels of responsibility and salary ranges.

What are the benefits of working as an ACCA professional in Dubai?

Working as an ACCA professional in Dubai offers benefits such as freedom from taxation, splendid salaries, ample opportunities, accelerated career growth, and global exposure.

Where can I get professional coaching for ACCA qualifications?

Lakshya IIC, India’s leading coaching institute, offers comprehensive coaching for ACCA qualifications. With an impressive track record and a network of expert faculty members, Lakshya promises holistic guidance and numerous opportunities for career advancement.

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