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All About CMA India

The CMA INDIA is a prestigious qualification offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI); the course enables candidates to build on a career as a skilled cost and management accountant.

This program has an intense and relevant curriculum that will equip the students to be ready to be hired in higher-level roles in top multinational companies anywhere in the world. The vision and mission of ICMAI is to build professionals who are financial leaders in the global market and prepare students to contribute to the country's economic development. 

The CMA (India) program is divided into three stages, covering various skills necessary for CMA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. A candidate can complete the course in 4-5 years and get access to work in senior roles in multi-national companies. This program goes the extra mile by providing flexible study choices, such as full-time, part-time, and online, to meet the diverse needs of its global student community.

IIC Lakshya, we go beyond mere guides in your professional journey; we're your partners in knowledge, skill-building, and personal growth. Our mission is to grant success to dedicated aspirants with top-notch preparation, equipping them to thrive as successful professionals. Through a thoughtfully designed course structure and a team of exceptional faculty members, we've established ourselves as the No 1 destination for budding finance professionals. If your destination is CMA INDIA, count on us to support your dreams.

Join us on this learning adventure, and let's conquer the heights of your aspirations together!

Who Should Choose CMA India?

  • Students who have completed higher secondary and are looking for a prestigious career in accounting.
  • Graduates and postgraduates aspiring for a career in Accounting and Finance.
  • Working Professionals looking for leadership roles and global recognition.
  • Individuals looking to switch their career to Management Accounting.

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CMA India Syllabus

The CMA India curriculum is crafted to equip the students with comprehensive knowledge about Cost and Management Accounting, which enables the candidates to lead the financial arena of any country working in higher-level roles in finance or accounting departments. The Course is divided into three levels: CMA India Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. 

  • CMA India Foundation
  • CAT: Direct Entry Route to CMA Intermediate
  • CMA Intermediate
  • CMA Final

CMA India Foundation

Four papers at this level aim to build a basic understanding of the accounting principles and business landscape. Now, let's look at the papers to be attempted at this level.

The paper discusses the foundations of business law to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks relevant to corporate environments. The study focuses on building excellent corporate communication skills while highlighting the importance of professional, concise, and clear communication in today's business environment.

Section A: Fundamentals of Business Law

  • Introduction
  • Indian Contracts Act, 1872
  • Sale of Goods Act, 1930
  • Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881


Section B: Business Communication

  • Business Communication Fundamentals
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Business Communication Tools

Candidates need to understand the principles of financial accounting before delving into recording and reporting financial transactions. The paper also covers the principles of cost accounting, which equips students with the skills to evaluate and control costs and provides a solid basis for ethical financial management in companies.

Section A: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Accounting for Special Transactions
  • Preparation of Final Accounts


Section B: Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

  • Application of Cost Accounting for Business Decisions
  • Definition of Cost, Cost Centre, Cost Unit and Cost Drivers
  • Classification of Costs
  • Ascertainment of Cost and Preparation of Statement of Cost and Profit

This paper discusses critical statistics and mathematics concepts essential for commercial decision-making. The curriculum covers statistical analysis, probability, and quantitative techniques to give applicants the quantitative skills to assess data and make informed business decisions.

Section A: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Calculus-Application in Business


Section B: Fundamentals of Business Statistics

  • Statistical Representation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Probability
  • Index Numbers and Time Series

The paper discusses the core concepts of corporate economics and how economic factors influence organisational decision-making. The curriculum gives students a thorough understanding of managing tasks, including organising, directing, and controlling.

Section A: Fundamentals of Business Economics

  • Basic Concepts
  • Forms of Market
  • Money and Banking
  • Economic and Business Environment


Section B: Fundamentals of Management

  • Introduction to Management
  • Stewardship Theory and Agency Theory of Management
  • Planning, Organising, Staffing, and Leading
  • Communication, Co-ordination, Collaboration, Monitoring, and Control
  • Organisation Structure, Responsibility, Accountability and Delegation of Authority
  • Leadership and Motivation – Concepts and Theories

CMA India at Lakshya

Enrol with Lakshya & Be Ready for a Rewarding Career

  • More than 70 % Pass Rate
  • 500+ Qualified Faculty
  • Mentor-Guided Learning Environment
  • Articleship Support
  • Daily Doubt Clearing Advantage
  • Access to Updated and Relevant Study Materials
  • Customised learning with Offline, Online, or Hybrid Classes
  • Tailored Interview Preparation Support

Our Faculties

Nikhil Jobanputra

Jibson kj

(CMA India)

Experience - 21 years

Nikhil Jobanputra

Nikhil Jobanputra

(CMA India)

Experience - 20 years

Nikhil Jobanputra


(CMA India)

Experience - 16 years

Nikhil Jobanputra


(CMA India)

Experience - 13 years

The CMA India Advantage

Command the Future Finances of the Country

Command the Future Finances of the Country

CMA India graduates are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the financial world, contributing to the economic growth and stability of the nation. Qualified CMA professionals are instrumental in shaping the financial landscape, which ensures you have an esteemed career to contribute to the financial and economic developments of the country.

Be on Big4s Top Spot

Be on Big4s Top Spot

On qualifying for the CMA India course, you are job-ready for higher-level roles in top multinational companies and Big4 accounting firms. Armed with this qualification, you stand out as a strategic thinker and financial expert, positioning yourself for success in the competitive hiring charts of Big4 companies.

Flexible Study Options

Flexible Study Options

Embark on your CMA journey with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. The CMA course accommodates your schedule with various study options, including online classes, offline classes, and hybrid modes. This adaptability ensures you can seamlessly balance your work commitments while pursuing your CMA qualification.

Left Advantage

Hiring Partners

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Grant Thorton

Star Achievers

 Devamruth Vishnu

Devamruth Vishnu

Salwa Sudheer

Salwa Sudheer

Nikhil Johny

Nikhil Johny

Ameen KK

Ameen KK



My experience at IIC Lakshya during my CMA India certification course has been exceptionally transformative. The institute's commitment to fostering a clear understanding of intricate subjects has made them accessible and engaging. I will recommend IIC Lakshya to everyone.

Rosemary sajeev

Rosemary sajeev

Rosemary sajeev

Studying for my CMA India certification at IIC Lakshya has been an immensely transformative experience. The institute's commitment to fostering a clear understanding of intricate subjects has made them not only accessible but also engaging.




IIC Lakshya's commitment to fostering a clear understanding of intricate subjects has made the course accessible and engaging. Opting for IIC Lakshya has proven to be an excellent decision, and I highly recommend it to those seeking a top-notch CMA India education.

Aneesh C

Aneesh C

Aneesh C

Exam Details

Exam Details

Career Options After CMA India

  • CMD
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Director - Finance
  • President - Finance
  • Vice President - Finance
  • Head of Finance
  • Strategic Head
  • Cost Advisor
  • Finance Controller
  • Cost Controller
  • Risk Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Dean/Professor of Finance

Average Salary for CMA India Professionals

12 LPA

20+ LPA

CMA India Certificate

The CMA (India) certification can help you land senior roles in finance, accounting, controllership, and financial analysis. It paves the way for top positions like CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CEO (Chief Executive Officer).


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Benefits of Learning CMA India with IIC Lakshya

  • 500+ Expert Faculty, One-on-One Mentoring
  • Top Notch Results with 70%+ Pass Rate
  • Placement in Global Organisation, Global Recognition
  • 75,000+ Accomplished Alumni

Rosemary sajeev

My experience at IIC Lakshya during my CMA India certification course has been exceptionally transformative. The institute's commitment to fostering a clear understanding of intricate subjects has made them accessible and engaging. I will recommend IIC Lakshya to everyone.

Coaching Fees

Starting at ₹ 10000/month
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Experience the lively classroom setting in person. Connect with instructors and classmates personally, engage in face-to-face interactions, and get instant feedback for an enriching learning experience.

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Discover the wisdom of our skilled educators, no matter where you find yourself physically. Immerse yourself in live discussions with teachers and fellow learners, creating a vibrant, teamwork-infused learning journey.

Hybrid Classes

Combine the convenience of online learning with the personalised touch of live sessions. Dive into the core concepts with recorded lectures and enhance your skills through engaging practice sessions guided by experienced instructors.

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What is CMA India?

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) India designation is provided by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI); the course equips the candidates with skills to be experts in management accounting and financial management within the Indian environment.


What is the difference between CMA India and CMA USA?

While CMA programs CMA India (Cost and Management Accountant) & CMA USA (Certified Management Accountant) provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in financial accounting and strategic management, there are distinct differences between the two courses. Here are some critical distinctions between CMA USA and CMA India:


Regulatory Body:

The CMA USA is regulated by the Institute of Management Accounts (IMA), whereas CMA India is regulated by ICMAI (Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India).


Eligibility Criteria:

A class 12th certificate and an undergraduate degree are the two most important US CMA eligibility for Indian students. The IMA has provided undergraduates with another seven years to produce the documents upon successfully acquiring the CMA USA certificate. To apply for CMA in India, a class 12th certificate is required.


Course Structure, Exam & Syllabus:

CMA USA can be completed in 9 to 12 months, whereas CMA India takes 4- 5 years. To discuss the US CMA exam pattern, you will be given four hours to complete 100 MCQ questions and two essays. Its syllabus is structured around 12 different topics in 2 parts of the course. The CMA India curriculum is divided into three levels, comprising 20 papers. The CMA India exams are paper-based exams with a duration of 3 hours.



A CMA USA certificate is recognised and valued in more than 150 countries, which differs from CMA India. With the CMA India qualification, candidates can work anywhere worldwide but are only allowed to practice in India.


How many papers are there in the CMA INDIA Curriculum?

There are 20 papers in total, divided into the three levels of the curriculum: on the foundation level, there are four papers; on the intermediate level, there are eight papers; and eight papers on the final level, along with one elective paper.


What are the levels in the CMA India curriculum?

There are three levels in the CMA India curriculum:

  • CMA Foundation
  • CMA Intermediate
  • CMA Final


Why should I pursue CMA India?

CMA India qualification opens your doors to innumerable opportunities to start your career in senior-level finance roles in big companies.


How can I register to take the CMA India exams?

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) website is where candidates can register for the CMA India exams. IIC Lakshya mentors and other support team members will help you resolve your queries.


What are the eligibility criteria for CMA India?

To be eligible for the CMA India foundation level, candidates must have completed their 12th grade. You should have completed the foundation exams or hold a degree from any recognised university for the Intermediate level.


Can I pursue CMA India while working?

CMA India allows candidates to work while preparing for exams, offering flexibility in managing professional and academic commitments.


How much time does it take to complete CMA India?

The time required to complete CMA India varies according to the student's pace of study, but it usually takes four to five years.


Is there any age limit for pursuing CMA India?

No, there is no specific age limit for pursuing CMA India.


Are there any exemptions for the CMA India exams?

Exemptions may be granted based on prior academic qualifications and professional certifications.


Do CMA India Professionals have demand in India?

Yes, professionals with CMA India qualifications are highly sought after in India as they effectively contribute to the financial and economic development of the country.


Do CMA India Professionals have demand globally?

Yes, professionals with CMA India qualifications can work in reputed companies worldwide. The degree is a prestigious qualification covering dynamic cost and management accounting.


What is the CMA Course Syllabus for the Foundation level?

CMA Foundation Level has 4 Papers:

  • Paper 1: Fundamentals of Economics and Management
  • Paper 2: Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Paper 3: Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics
  • Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics


What is the CMA Course Syllabus for the Intermediate Level?

CMA Intermediate Level has 8 Papers:

  • Paper 5: Financial Accounting
  • Paper 6: Laws and Ethics
  • Paper 7: Direct Taxation
  • Paper 8: Cost Accounting
  • Paper 9: Operations Management & Strategic Management
  • Paper 10: Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management
  • Paper 11: Indirect Taxation (Including Customs Act)
  • Paper 12: Company Accounts & Audit


What is the CMA course syllabus for the final level?

CMA Final Level has 8 Papers, including one elective paper:

  • Paper 13: Corporate Laws & Compliance
  • Paper 14: Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
  • Paper 15: Strategic Cost Management – Decision-making
  • Paper 16: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  • Paper 17: Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Paper 18: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (Including Customs Act)
  • Paper 19: Cost and Management Audit
  • Paper 20: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation


What Does a CMA Do?

The Scope of a hardcore CMA would be Auditing, Financial & Cost Accounting, Taxation, and Management Accounting.


What is the pass mark for CMA India?

The passing criteria for the CMA India exams are an aggregate of 50% and 40% individually for each paper.


How frequently are exams for CMA India held?

The CMA India examinations are given twice yearly, usually in December and June.


What makes the CMA India programme at IIC Lakshya distinctive?

The CMA India program at IIC Lakshya provides comprehensive training that aligns with business demands and combines academic knowledge with real-world expertise.


Is it possible to postpone CMA exams, and what is the procedure for this?

Yes, you can postpone exams under certain circumstances. The procedure involves submitting a deferral request and supporting documentation within the specified timelines.


How long is each paper, and how many questions are typically in an exam?

Each paper is typically 3 hours long, and the number of questions differs for each paper. You can get accurate details on this at the official website of ICMAI.


Can I choose the order in which I take papers in each group while attempting the exams?

You have the freedom to choose the order of selection of the group while attempting CMA exams. However, it's generally a good idea to follow a structured plan, considering prerequisites and the complexity of the topics.


Are the CMA exams done on the computer?

CMA exams are paper-based and must be attempted in the prescribed centres.


What's the passing score for CMA exams?

To become a CMA India Professional, you must score at least 40% for each paper and an aggregate of 50%.


Do I have to tackle case studies in CMA exams?

Yes, Candidates have to tackle case studies in CMA exams, which test their capacity or ability to deal with the practical application of knowledge.


How can I prepare for CMA exams effectively?

You can prepare for CMA exams effectively by planning a proper study schedule and executing your plans without fail through hard work and determination. But to efficiently manage your learning, you need the support of a mentor or a guide who can lead you through the right track.

What career options are there for someone who completes CMA India?

CMA India provides access to various employment opportunities, including positions in financial analysis, planning, control, and decision-making across several industries.


Does IIC Lakshya help graduates of CMA India find employment?

Indeed, IIC Lakshya helps CMA India graduates with placement assistance and helps students connect with possible firms in the sector.


What places can a CMA work?

Both the public and private sectors are open to hiring CMAs. A CMA can apply for many career routes, the most popular being Financial Analyst, Cost Accountant, Manager, Corporate Controller, Management Accountant, and CFO.


What is a CMA's pay scale?

The average beginning pay for a freshly trained Cost and Management Accountant is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 12 lakhs. On the other hand, experienced workers may make between Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 lakhs, with no upper limit.


What are the various job prospects after earning a CMA?

Following completion of CMA, a candidate may choose to work in one or more of the following positions: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant, Chief Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Financial Manager, Financial Controller, Relationship Manager, Cost Auditor.


Who are the leading CMA recruiters?

The market for CMAs is enormous. MNCs and international organisations hire CMAs very often. Public Sector Undertakings

  • Infrastructure, Logistics and Automobile Companies Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering, Hospitality, Power Sector & Telecommunication
  • BFSI Sector IT/IT enabled Services
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Big4 and other reputed Consultancy Firms


Does IIC Lakshya help CMA India students improve their interviewing and employability skills?

IIC Lakshya offers specialist training sessions, workshops, and personalised coaching to improve CMA students' employability and prepare them for job interviews.


Does IIC Lakshya offer additional programs to help its students become more employable outside regular sessions?

IIC Lakshya offers workshops and skill-building courses that let students acquire real-world knowledge and abilities in line with market demands.

Why IIC Lakshya for CMA India Foundation, Intermediate & Final Coaching? What does it offer?

IIC Lakshya has been at the forefront for 14 years as the No. 1 Institute for comprehensive CMA India coaching. IIC Lakshya offers:

  • 500+ Qualified Faculty
  • Mentor-Guided Learning Environment
  • Articleship Support
  • Daily Doubt Clearing Advantage
  • Access to Updated and Relevant Study Materials
  • Access to customised learning with online, offline, and hybrid classes


Who are the faculty members for CMA India Classes at Lakshya?

All the Faculty of IIC Lakshya are CA and CMA Qualified with practical experience and a dedicated mindset.


What's the Schedule and Fee Structure for the CMA Coaching Classes at Lakshya?

The schedule and fee may vary depending on the level and mode of learning. To get clarity on these details, you may visit and connect with our team.


What are the Batches for the CMA India Coaching Course at Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya provides online, offline, and hybrid classes for students and working professionals aspiring to earn the qualification.


Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the CMA India course at IIC Lakshya?

ANS: There are no strict prerequisites, but the minimum eligibility requirements instructed by ICMAI must be fulfilled. IIC LAKSHYA provides support for students of all levels.


How are classes conducted at IIC Lakshya for CMA India?

Classes are conducted both in-person and online, providing a versatile learning environment. The choice is yours.


What kind of support does IIC Lakshya offer for CMA India exam preparations?

IIC Lakshya provides comprehensive support, including study materials, mock exams, and personalised guidance from experienced tutors.


Is there a community or network for CMA India students at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya fosters a supportive community, allowing students to connect, share experiences, and collaborate.


Can I join IIC Lakshya mid-year for CMA courses?

Yes, enrollment is open throughout the year. You can join IIC LAKSHYA at any time to commence your CMA journey.


How does IIC Lakshya keep its CMA curriculum updated?

IIC Lakshya regularly reviews and updates its curriculum to align with industry trends and ensure relevance.


Are there any scholarships or financial aid options for CMA students at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers various scholarships and financial aid options. Contact the admissions team for details based on your eligibility.


How long does completing CMA at IIC Lakshya typically take?

The duration varies, but on average, a student completes CMA at IIC Lakshya in 4 to 5 years. Your pace of study plays a role.


Can I work while pursuing CMA at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, many students manage to work while studying at IIC Lakshya. The flexible schedule and learning mode allow for a balanced approach.


What is the pass rate for CMA students from IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya consistently maintains a pass rate exceeding 70%.


Is there a mentorship program for CMA students at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC LAKSHYA offers a mentorship program connecting students with experienced professionals.


Can I access study materials online for CMA courses at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers hard copy and soft copy study materials, ensuring quick and easy access for students to study anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.


Are there opportunities for practical experience during the CMA journey at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya assists in collaborating with industry partners to provide practical exposure, thus enhancing the student's learning experience.


What kind of career guidance is provided to CMA students at IIC Lakshya?

At IIC Lakshya, there is an expert team of CMA specialists to offer career guidance workshops, seminars on the current industry trends and opportunities, and other networking opportunities, which include interaction with finance leaders and mainstream commerce masters, which support the career aspirations of candidates.


Are there any scholarships available for CMA students at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya offers scholarships to deserving CMA students. The eligibility criteria and scholarship application process can be obtained directly from the IIC Lakshya’s website.


Can I pay the CMA coaching fees in instalments at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, of course, IIC LAKSHYA understands the financial commitments of students and provides flexible payment options, including EMI schemes. Feel free to inquire about the available instalment plans.


How do I apply for a scholarship at IIC Lakshya for CMA India coaching?

To apply for a scholarship, you must visit our website, submit your application, and take our scholarship exams. Check with the admission officer for specific scholarship application procedures.


Is there any discount for early enrollment in CMA India coaching programs at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers scholarships for students who enrol early in CMA coaching programs.


Can I pursue a CMA and a B. Com degree at IIC Lakshya?

The course offers the flexibility to pursue a degree along with CMA India, allowing you to integrate both qualifications seamlessly through Lakshya’s online or hybrid classes.


Can I switch between online and offline classes during my CMA program at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya offers flexibility that allows students to switch between online and offline classes under essential circumstances; if you connect with IIC Lakshya’s student relations team, they will help you change your learning mode.


What extra help is offered to students who need help with a particular subject at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya has an efficient expert team to help students overcome obstacles in their CMA journey. IIC Lakshya offers extra support through supplementary classes, mentorship support, and daily doubt-clearing sessions that will help students crack CMA on their first attempt.


Can I take mock exams at IIC Lakshya to prepare for the CMA exams?

Yes, IIC Lakshya conducts regular mock exams to equip candidates to face the exams confidently. It will also help students assess their positives and negatives and help them work on areas for improvement.


Does IIC Lakshya offer individual performance evaluations and comments following mock exams?

Yes, IIC Lakshya’s faculties and Mentors provide students with on-time reports of performance evaluations to assist them in pinpointing their areas of strength and growth.


Where are Lakshya’s coaching centres located?

The IIC Lakshya coaching centres are positioned to be easily accessible from anywhere in the world. This covers centres in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and numerous other places in India (We have over six campuses in Kerala). You can also look into our online and hybrid classes, which will allow you to learn with the No. 1 commerce institute from anywhere in the world.