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All About ACCA

ACCA is a respected qualification granted by a globally known organisation. The full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is based in the UK, with influence in over 180 countries. ACCA certification is ideal for aspirants looking for a global career in accounting or finance. Choosing ACCA opens doors to advancing your career and achieving the coveted status of a chartered certified accountant within two to three years. 
You can start preparing for ACCA early, soon after the 12th Grade, and build a successful career at an early age. ACCA is an inclusive program which invites young aspirants from diverse streams to learn ACCA and earn the opportunity to expand their career horizons worldwide. The qualification comprises three progressive levels: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional, each level having a set of exams all tied together with hands-on practical experience expectations to attain the professional qualification. This program goes the extra mile by providing flexible study choices, such as full-time, part-time, and online, to meet the diverse needs of its global student community. Moreover, the flexibility extends to exam attempts, as there's no group system hindrance.
At IIC Lakshya, we go beyond being mere guides in your ACCA journey; we're your partners in knowledge, skill-building, and personal growth. Our mission is to grant success to ACCA aspirants with top-notch preparation, equipping them to thrive as successful professionals. Through a thoughtfully designed course structure and a team of exceptional faculty members, we've established ourselves as the No 1 institute for budding finance professionals. If your goal is ACCA, count on us to support your dreams. 
Join us on this learning adventure, and let's conquer the heights of your aspirations together!

Who Should Choose ACCA?

  • Students who have completed higher secondary, +2 and are looking to embrace global opportunities in Finance.
  • Graduates and postgraduates aspiring for a career in Accounting and Finance.
  • CA India and CMA India students are midway through their journey or facing completion challenges.
  • Qualified professionals holding CA India, CMA India, and CS India certifications looking for global careers.

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ACCA Syllabus

Welcome to the world of ACCA! More than just an accounting certification, it's a prestigious global qualification providing you with all the necessary skills and knowledge. Get ready for a comprehensive journey that sets you up for success!

  • Applied Knowledge Level
  • Applied Skills Level
  • Strategic Professional Level

ACCA Applied Knowledge Level

In Applied Knowledge, you grasp how accounting fits into the business world and learn the hands-on skills expected of a business accountant. The first level on your journey to becoming an ACCA professional comprises three papers.

In this paper, you dive into the basic principles of business and how they blend with today's technologies. It's like building the foundation for a solid grasp of how businesses work today. The paper is called BT Shortly and is known as the F1 paper of the ACCA curriculum.

  • Understanding the organisational structure, leadership, and management within a business.
  • Exploring the environmental factors affecting business operations.
  • Delving into accounting principles and functions in the business context.
  • Examining control processes in accounting and finance within a business.
  • Effectively managing a business, including its resources and finances.
  • Developing efficient teams and optimising business functions.

While attempting this paper, you'll learn essential principles and the skills needed to make decisions that truly benefit your organisation. It's all about empowering to impact through thoughtful choices positively. The paper is called MA Shortly and is known as the F2 paper of the ACCA curriculum.

  • Understanding the concept of cost and management accounting.
  • Exploring types of costs, their behaviour, and associated goals.
  • Grasping the fundamentals of business mathematics and spreadsheets.
  • Applying cost accounting techniques and conducting calculations.
  • Engaging in costing, budgeting, planning, and analysis within a business context.
  • Implementing management techniques for informed decision-making.

With this paper, you learn the basics of managing money wisely. We explore the rules and guidelines that govern how financial statements are created and presented. This knowledge is essential for anyone looking to make sound financial decisions. The paper is called FA Shortly and is known as the F3 paper of the ACCA curriculum.

  • Exploring the principles of financial accounting.
  • Utilising double-entry accounting methods.
  • Understanding the basics of financial reporting.
  • Preparing journals, ledgers, and trial balances.
  • Handling financial data and preparing financial statements.
  • Analysing income, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.


When ACCA is your Dream, enroll with IIC Lakshya!

  • 500+ Qualified Faculties
  • ACCA Approved Platinum Learning Partner
  • 1000+ Global and National Ranks
  • Personal Mentorship Support
  • ACCA Approved Comprehensive Study Material
  • Customised learning with Offline, Online, or Hybrid Classes
  • Tailored Interview Preparation Support
  • Global Networking Opportunities
  • 70% + Success Rate
  • Daily Doubt-Clearing Advantage

Our Faculties

Nikhil Jobanputra

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Experience - 7 years

Nikhil Jobanputra



Experience - 6 years

Nikhil Jobanputra



Experience - 6 years

Nikhil Jobanputra



Experience - 5 years

The ACCA Advantage

Choose ACCA & Let your Global Career Take Flight!

Work Anywhere in the World

Work Anywhere in the World

By choosing ACCA, you will get early access to an International Career; ACCA-qualified professionals can start their careers in reputed global companies in more than 180+ countries.

Earn 8-10 LPA in Just 2-3 Years

Earn 8-10 LPA in Just 2-3 Years

Unlock doors to senior roles in prestigious global firms with enhanced salary packages as an ACCA-qualified professional. Attainable by completing the comprehensive course in just 2-3 years, paving the way to a rewarding career journey.

Learn Anywhere at any Time

Learn Anywhere at any Time

ACCA offers flexible study options, allowing you to balance work and study. Plan your schedule with options like online, offline classes, and hybrid modes, as they ensure convenience and accommodate your preferences.

Left Advantage

Hiring Partners

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Grant Thorton

Star Achievers

Arun Thomas

Arun Thomas



Joyal Joseph

Joyal Joseph

Athul Devanath

Athul Devanath



I chose IIC Lakshya for my ACCA journey, and it has been a rewarding experience. The faculty members are not just academicians; they bring their industry experiences into the classroom, making the learning relevant and practical. 

Alisha Maria

Alisha Maria

Alisha Maria

I am grateful to be part of the ACCA program at IIC Lakshya. The faculty members are experts in their field, and their passion for teaching is reflected in every class. The course equips us with technical knowledge. helps us in developing crucial soft skills. 

Anjana S Kumar

Anjana S Kumar

Anjana S Kumar

IIC Lakshya's ACCA course has been a turning point in my life. The faculty's dedication to our success is evident in their teaching methodologies. The course material is comprehensive, and the regular assessments help in gauging our progress.




Exam Details

Exam Details


Highest Qualification Exemptions
B. Com / M. Com Up to 5 Papers
CA Inter Qualified Up to 6 Papers
CA Finals Qualified Up to 9 Papers

Career Options After ACCA

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Tax Consultant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Risk Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Finance Manager

Average Salary for ACCA Professionals


20+ LPA

ACCA Certificate

ACCA is one of the most anticipated globally accepted certifications, opening doors to watch the world around you and propel your career.


Earn Your Certificate


Benefits of Learning ACCA with IIC Lakshya

  • 500+ Expert Faculty, One-on-One Mentoring
  • Top Notch Results with 70%+ Pass Rate
  • Placement in Global Organisation, Global Recognition
  • 75,000+ Accomplished Alumni

Alisha Maria

I chose IIC Lakshya for my ACCA journey, and it has been a rewarding experience. The faculty members are not just academicians; they bring their industry experiences into the classroom, making the learning relevant and practical. 

Coaching Fees

Starting at ₹ 10000/month
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Learning Modes

Offline Classes

Experience the lively classroom setting in person. Connect with instructors and classmates personally, engage in face-to-face interactions, and get instant feedback for an enriching learning experience.

Online Live Classes

Discover the wisdom of our skilled educators, no matter where you find yourself physically. Immerse yourself in live discussions with teachers and fellow learners, creating a vibrant, teamwork-infused learning journey.

Hybrid Classes

Combine the convenience of online learning with the personalised touch of live sessions. Dive into the core concepts with recorded lectures and enhance your skills through engaging practice sessions guided by experienced instructors.

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What is the ACCA Program?

The ACCA program, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants program, is a globally recognised qualification designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in finance and accounting.


How many papers are there in the ACCA Curriculum?

There are 13 papers in the ACCA curriculum divided into three levels.

  • Knowledge Level: 3 papers
  • Skill Level: 6 papers
  • Professional Level: 4 papers


How long will it take for a student to pass ACCA?

ACCA is a flexible course for which any student can qualify in two to three years.


Can I learn ACCA along with my graduation?

ACCA can be learned along with graduation or post-graduation. In fact, at IIC Lakshya, we have options to do ACCA along with other degree programs, such as integrated courses.


What are the eligibility criteria for learning ACCA?

A student who has passed +2 in English and Accounts/Mathematics with 65% marks each and a minimum aggregate of 50% marks overall can choose to learn ACCA.


How many Exam windows are there for ACCA?

The first level in the ACCA curriculum, the knowledge level, is an on-demand exam which can be completed at any time but should be completed before a year of registration. There are four exam windows in a year: March, June, September, and December, for candidates appearing for skill- and professional-level papers.


What is the pass mark for ACCA?

A candidate should score at least 50% in each paper to qualify for respective levels in the ACCA curriculum.


Can I choose to learn ACCA while working?

ACCA is a flexible course that can be pursued even through part-time learning options. So, you are free to learn ACCA while studying another course or even while working through online mode.


Do ACCA Professionals have demand in India?

Yes, the demand for ACCA professionals is growing in India. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is recognised globally and is increasingly valued by Indian employers, especially in finance, accounting, and consulting.


How can I prepare for ACCA exams effectively?

You can prepare for ACCA exams effectively by planning a proper study schedule and executing your plans without fail through hard work and determination. But to efficiently manage your learning, you need the support of a mentor or a guide who can lead you through the right track.


How long is each ACCA paper, and how many questions are typically in an exam?

Each ACCA paper is typically 2-3 hours long (depending on the level, it might vary), and the number of questions differs for each paper. You can get accurate details on this at the official website of ACCA Global.


Can I choose the order in which I take the ACCA exams?

You have the freedom to choose the order of your ACCA exams. However, it's generally a good idea to follow a structured plan, considering prerequisites and the complexity of the topics.


Are ACCA exams done on the computer?

Yes, most ACCA exams are done on the computer nowadays. It's a more efficient way of conducting the exams.


What's the passing score for the ACCA exams?

To become an ACCA professional, score at least 50 out of 100 for each paper. The total marks for each exam may differ, but the passing requirement stays the same.


Why does ACCA keep its study material up to date?

ACCA keeps things fresh by regularly reviewing and updating its syllabus. They ensure it stays relevant and aligns with the ever-changing business and financial landscape.


Do I have to tackle case studies in ACCA exams?

In the Professional level exams, you'll encounter case studies. They check if you can apply what you have learned to real-world situations. It's all about testing your analytical and problem-solving skills.


Is it possible to postpone ACCA exams, and what is the procedure for this?

Yes, you can postpone ACCA exams under certain circumstances. The procedure involves submitting a deferral request and supporting documentation within the specified timelines.

How can I apply for ACCA Admissions?
To start your ACCA Journey, you must first register with the ACCA body, and once your registration is complete, you can begin to attempt the first level of exams. At IIC Lakshya, we have an admission team to overview your registration procedures and help you throughout your ACCA journey from registering with ACCA until you get your ACCA Membership.

What are the eligibility criteria to join the ACCA course?
Any student who has completed 12th Grade is eligible to apply for the ACCA course. Applicants should have a minimum of 65% marks in both English and Accounts/Mathematics and an overall score of 50% are eligible to join ACCA. Additionally, individuals with advanced qualifications, including graduates, B. Com, BBA, M. Com, and MBA, can also enrol in ACCA. Furthermore, those with higher qualifications may receive exemptions from specific exams, acknowledging their educational achievements.

Are there any exemptions available for ACCA exams based on prior qualifications?
ACCA recognises the education you've already conquered, making your journey smoother. If you've gone beyond the 10+2 level, you could be in for some exemptions in specific ACCA papers. The magic number depends on the depth of your qualifications and the subjects you've divided into during your undergrad or postgrad days. For individuals with qualifications such as B. Com, BBA, M. Com, and MBA, exemptions are available for up to 5 specific papers. Those who have cleared the India CA IPCC can expect exemptions for six or more papers, while qualified CAs from India can enjoy exemptions for as many as nine specific papers.

What is the admission fee for ACCA?
The candidate pursuing ACCA has to register with ACCA, the institution providing the certification initially, and to complete the registration, you have to pay the registration charges to ACCA, which is different for each region/country; you can find the registration fee for your region in the following link:

Is there a  minimum age requirement to enrol in the ACCA programme?

There are no age restrictions to enrol for ACCA. Those who fit the conditions for admittance are welcome to apply, regardless of age. If you are under 16 (or under 18 and live in Kenya, Malaysia, or the Philippines), you must upload a signed parental consent form.

What are the exemptions in ACCA?
Exemptions in ACCA are like recognising your hard work and achievements in your earlier studies. Suppose you've completed specific qualifications, like B. Com, BBA, M. Com, MBA, or a certified CA from India; in that case, ACCA gives you a nod of approval by exempting you from specific papers. It's like a shortcut on your journey to becoming an ACCA pro - no need to sweat over thorough exams, saving you time and effort. The number of exemptions depends on what you've studied before and how well you've covered the subjects.

Who will get up to six paper exemptions for ACCA?
A student who has completed graduation and CA Inter is sure about getting an exemption for six papers in ACCA.

Can I get exemptions for all ACCA Papers?
You can only expect to get some papers exempted from the ACCA curriculum. The paper exemptions start from 3, and one can get up to 9 exemptions based on their qualifications before attempting the ACCA exams.

How many paper exemptions does a CA Qualified student get for ACCA?
A qualified Chartered Accountant will get nine papers exempted from the ACCA curriculum.

How do ACCA Professionals get placements in the Big 4s?
The ACCA qualification is renowned worldwide, and its diverse skill set perfectly fits the requirements of top-tier firms, including the prestigious Big 4. Building connections is critical to securing a position in these sought-after companies. At IIC Lakshya, you'll have unique opportunities to engage with industry experts, fostering valuable relationships that can shape your career.


Which are the highest-paying recruiters?
Top-notch companies actively seeking ACCA candidates comprise well-known names such as EY, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, UBS, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Genpact, Citibank, BNP, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland, Amazon, Capgemini, Accenture, and numerous others. This diverse array of employers highlights the broad and widespread acknowledgement of ACCA qualifications across different industries.

What is an Interview Preparation Guidance?
At IIC Lakshya, we've got something special for you – our Interview Preparation Support. It's all about giving you the personalised coaching you need to shine in interviews and feel confident. We tailor our approach to fit you perfectly by providing expert guidance on how to talk effectively in an interview, approach the questions, use the correct body language, and handle tricky interview questions.

What do you mean by placement assistance?
At IIC Lakshya, our dedication to student success is unwavering. Upon finishing ACCA Knowledge and Skill level exams, our ACCA learners benefit from exposure to numerous opportunities.  Progressing to the ACCA Professional level opens opportunities for internship placement, providing valuable practical experience with leading companies. We support our students through placement drives, boot camps, and various initiatives to ensure they are well-prepared for these opportunities.

What makes IIC Lakshya a good choice for ACCA learning?

IIC Lakshya stands out for its dedicated faculty, personalised learning approach, and a track record of success in guiding ACCA aspirants.


Can I choose my study schedule at IIC Lakshya for ACCA courses?

IIC Lakshya offers flexible study schedules, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to fit your needs through offline, online and hybrid learning modes.


Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in ACCA courses at IIC Lakshya?

There are no strict prerequisites, but the minimum eligibility requirements instructed by ACCA must be fulfilled. IIC Lakshya provides support for students of all levels.


How are classes conducted at IIC Lakshya for ACCA?

Classes are conducted both in-person and online, providing a versatile learning environment. The choice is yours.


What kind of support does IIC Lakshya offer for ACCA exam preparations?

IIC Lakshya provides comprehensive support, including study materials, mock exams, and personalised guidance from experienced tutors.


Is there a community or network for ACCA students at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya fosters a supportive community, allowing students to connect, share experiences, and collaborate.


Can I join IIC Lakshya mid-year for ACCA courses?

Yes, enrollment is open throughout the year. You can join IIC Lakshya at any time to commence your ACCA journey.


How does IIC Lakshya keep its ACCA curriculum updated?

IIC Lakshya regularly reviews and updates its ACCA curriculum to align with industry trends and ensure relevance.


Are there any scholarships or financial aid options for ACCA students at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers various scholarships and financial aid options. Contact the admissions team for details based on your eligibility.


How long does it typically take to complete ACCA at IIC Lakshya?

The duration varies, but on average, students complete ACCA at IIC Lakshya in 2 to 3 years. Your pace of study plays a key role.


Can I work while pursuing ACCA at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, many students manage to work while studying at IIC Lakshya. The flexible schedule and learning mode allow for a balanced approach.


What is the pass rate for ACCA students from IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya consistently maintains a pass rate exceeding 70%, securing over 1000 global ranks.

Is there a mentorship program for ACCA students at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya offers a mentorship program connecting students with experienced professionals.


Can I access study materials online for ACCA courses at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers hard copy and soft copy study materials, ensuring quick and easy access for students to study anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.


Are there opportunities for practical experience during ACCA at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya assists in collaborating with industry partners to provide practical exposure, thus enhancing the student's learning experience.


What sets IIC Lakshya apart from other institutions offering ACCA courses?

IIC Lakshya stands out due to its comprehensive approach to learning, which places students at the centre. Industry expert faculties, experienced mentors, and a commitment to providing quality learning experiences make Lakshya the prime choice of ACCA aspirants.


What kind of career guidance is provided to ACCA students at IIC Lakshya?

At IIC Lakshya, there is an expert team of ACCA specialists to offer career guidance workshops, seminars on the current industry trends and opportunities, and other networking opportunities, which include interaction with the finance leaders and mainstream commerce master’s which support the career aspirations of candidates.


What kind of placement Assistance is provided at IIC Lakshya?

At IIC Lakshya, an excellent placement cell assists ACCA part-qualified students and affiliates with job placements, helping them connect with relevant industry opportunities.

What is the fee structure for ACCA coaching at IIC Lakshya?

The coaching fees at IIC Lakshya for ACCA vary depending on your choice of level or mode of learning. Checking with the admission Officer for the most accurate and up-to-date information is recommended.


Can I pay the ACCA coaching fees in instalments at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, of course, IIC Lakshya understands the financial commitments of students and provides flexible payment options, including EMI schemes. Feel free to inquire about the available instalment plans.


How do I apply for a scholarship at IIC Lakshya for ACCA coaching?

To apply for a scholarship, you must visit our website, submit your application, and attempt our scholarship exams. Check with the admission officer for specific scholarship application procedures.


Is there any discount for early enrollment in ACCA coaching programs at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya offers scholarships for students who enrol early in ACCA coaching programs.


What factors determine the coaching fees for ACCA at IIC Lakshya?

The coaching fees at IIC LAKSHYA may be influenced by factors such as the duration of the program, mode of learning, study materials provided, and additional support services. For detailed information, contact the institute directly.

Can I pursue ACCA along with a B. Com degree at IIC Lakshya?

You can go for Integrated courses offered at IIC Lakshya or choose to learn ACCA and a B. Com simultaneously at IIC Lakshya. They offer the flexibility to pursue a degree along with ACCA, allowing you to integrate both qualifications seamlessly through Lakshya’s online or hybrid classes.

Can I switch between online and offline classes during my ACCA program at IIC Lakshya?

Yes, IIC Lakshya offers flexibility that allows students to switch between online and offline classes under essential circumstances; if you connect with IIC Lakshya’s student relations team, they will help you change your learning mode.


What are some typical techniques for acing exams?

The most important thing you need through your ACCA journey is a confident mind ready to do practical, hard work. Then, through a comprehensive and well-planned learning schedule, expert guidance from experienced faculty members and updated study materials will help you streamline your learning.


What extra help is offered to students who need help with a particular subject at IIC Lakshya?

IIC Lakshya has an efficient expert team to help students overcome obstacles in their ACCA journey. IIC Lakshya offers extra support through supplementary classes, mentorship support, and daily doubt-clearing sessions that will help students crack ACCA on their first attempt.


Can I take mock exams at IIC Lakshya to prepare for the ACCA exams?

IIC Lakshya conducts regular mock exams to prepare candidates to face the ACCA exams confidently. It will also help students assess their positives and negatives and work on areas for improvement.


Does IIC Lakshya offer individual performance evaluations and comments following mock exams?

Yes, IIC Lakshya’s faculties and Mentors provide students with on-time reports of performance evaluations to assist them in pinpointing their areas of strength and improvement.


Where are Lakshya’s coaching centres located?

The IIC Lakshya coaching centres are positioned to be easily accessible from anywhere in the world. IIC Lakshya has centres in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), numerous other places in India, and six offline campuses in Kerala. You can also look into our online and hybrid classes, allowing you to learn with No 1 commerce institute from anywhere in the world.