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There's something for everyone here, get involved in the engaging environment to relish your academic journey with boundless happiness.

B.Voc Class Interaction

Aug 12 ,2023

In addition to improving students' understanding of what they're learning, interactive classroom activities provide a more rewarding learning experience. By doing this, the student will be able to clarify their doubts a

B.Voc Freshers Day

Aug 12 ,2023

In the new academic year, the arrival of juniors brings joy and happiness. Freshers day is a welcome party for newcomers and a gesture of extending the friendly atmosphere.

Insta Live; Remote Exam - ACCA

Aug 12 ,2023

Remote exams provide added convenience. Allowing students to take exams from the comfort of their own home, using their own equipment and internet connection. Taking a remote exam can provide you with more comfort an

Christmas Celebration Cochi

Dec 22 ,2023

Apart from classroom learning, we encourage our students to celebrate every festival and event enthusiastically and fervently. The first occasion is Christmas which is followed by the celebration of New Year. At the end of the

Instagram Live-Why Do Most New Year Resolutions Fail?

Dec 30 ,2023

Many people make resolutions in January, but many of them fail. There is a talk series that discusses why a lot of resolutions fail and what we can do about it. Then, let's get to work on making those resolutions happen.

Student Club

Engage in the spirited charm of myriads of activities designed to keep Lakshyanz committed to leisure. We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for all students and offer a range of events and activities throughout the year.

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CSR/ Volunteering Club

The corporate social responsibility (CSR)/ Volunteering club creates a platform for students to extend ...

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Dance and Music Club

To showcase the talents of students, we are conducting various events every year especially dance fest, etc...

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Literature Club

Apart from improving students' literary skills, the literature club aims to improve their reading habits...

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Innovation, Leadership, and Public Speaking Club

With an aim to make our Lakshyanz confident and competent...

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Sports Club

The Sports Club encourages students' interests in particular sports events. We are organizing....

Alumini Events

Get motivated and inspired for your own future career, hear from successful alumni about their careers and experiences and build networks with professionals in your field of interest.

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